Digital Publishing


Admark creates unique digital content within a specialized vertical interest such as entertainment, feminine affair, sports, lifestyle, food, auto motors, real estate, family affairs, etc. through a team of talented and smart writers who enjoy and make that content alive and available for users to enjoy via the internet, mobile apps, social media, SMS and voice both in Arabic and English languages. We had identified some unique content of ever-increasing interest to public and will continue to grow our specialized digital content publications and distribution over time.


Are You a Talented Copywriter? Do You Crave Challenge?
Admark offers talented freelance content copywriters a unique end-to-end solution through a business partnership agreement that includes marketing, business consultancy, technology and technical services consisting of state of the art digital publication platform. Our concentration is on major specialized vertical interests for mass population.

Our strategy is to work with a group of talented amateur writers and provide sustained, scalable market reach based on a first class digital publishing platform. We grow your talent and help publish digital content by connecting you to the best opportunities in making popular and appealing digital content to target users, based on our state of the art multi channels content platform.

Admark has deployed a number of specialized portals solely or by partnering with talented copywriters across a wide range of categories, and is actively seeking new partners looking to take their digital content on the World Wide Web.

Our Offering and Capabilities
Admark had developed an in-house first class digital publication platform that is rich with features:

Simple Content Processing
Admark Digital Content Publishing Platform makes it as simple as possible to format an existing content and data for a wide range of digital publishing channels i.e., web sites, mobile and tablet devices and various platforms.

Cloud Based Delivery
With Admark Digital Publishing Platform, content is securely stored in the cloud for fast delivery for respective users directly through their preferred digital channels.

Rich Engagement Memorable Experiences
By providing a lasting experience and engaging targeted users with specialized content will keep them coming back and help stand out in the digital world.

Valuable Brand Presence
Standing out and differentiating content in an overcrowded and saturated landscape of digital publishing is an essential component to a successful digital publishing strategy. Admark takes advantage of valuable knowledge and a strong business relationship with industry leaders to build successful long-term relationships.